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Rutaceae- The Sea of C

You must be thinking what does Rutacea mean? The Rutaceae is a family, commonly known as the rue or Citrus family of flowering plants. The most economically important genus in the family is Citrus, which includes the orange (C. × sinensis), lemon (C. × limon), grapefruit (C. × paradisi), and lime (various, mostly C. aurantifolia, the key lime). Lets concentrate on the storehouse of vitamin C, yes you guessed it right it's the ORANGE.

Orange is one of the important members of the Citrus family. Though Citrus Family has other members too like SweetLime, Lemon etc. but lets focus on Orange First. Have you ever thought about how Orange came to existence? Orange is basically a hybrid between Pomelo(a citrus fruit) and Mandarin ( another citrus fruit somewhat similar to orange). Sweet lime or Citrus X sinensis was first mentioned in the Chinese literature in 314 B.C. But it came to the people in the beginning of 16th century when Portugese merchants brought orange trees in meditaranian areas. From there, people started growing oranges in private large areas called orangeries. It was considered as a luxury product in the entire Europe. Later it travelled to India but today India is the 3rd largest producer of Orange in the world.

But why am I telling you all these facts. Because I want to let you know how important is Orange and why we need to consume it. You all know the fact that an Orange has a lot of Vitamin C but what else do we get from an orange. Let me make it easy for youL-
Orange has:
Vitamin C- 88%
Vitamin A- 4%
Vitamin B6- 2%
Calcium- 4%
Magnesium- 2%
Dietary Fiber- 9%
Potassium- 5%
And fat- 0% and no cholesterol.

This means that an Orange is a very healthy fruit and the pulp, seeds and peel every bit of it is useful. Keep yourself healthy by Consuming it almost everyday.